gabel PT + wellness offers a hollistic approach to physical therapy designed to individualize your healthcare needs. 


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Physical therapy

Do you have chronic aches and pains? Are you suffering from a recent accident or injury? Do you seem not to be moving just right? Chances are physical therapy can help!

Our holistic approach using Functional Manual Therapy remediates impairments and promotes function and mobility.

Even if you have already seen a physical therapist with limited success, gabel PT + wellness can offer you a second chance at living pain free and returning to the activities you love.

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Maybe you are having trouble with your weight, or you are concerned about osteoporosis or diabetes. Do you want to improve your gut health?  Would you like to learn how to prevent falls? gabel PT + wellness is the answer.  

You want to stay on top of your health and fitness, and you want more control  and more freedom over you maintenance sessions. Often insurance companies limit what can be treated, or they put a cap on how many visits you get in a year. Why not consider a personalized wellness package that includes physical therapy, nutrition, personal training, and massage! Many employers offer this wellness benefit, and they may cover all or most of the cost.  

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ergonomics and performance enhancement

Repetitive stress injuries are common on many jobs. Sitting at a desk all day or spending so much time at your computer takes its toll on you neck and back.

You know you have it in you to finish that bike race or marathon a little bit faster. You are certain that a personalized exercise program can give you the edge you are looking for.

Let gabel PT + wellness schedule a site visit to your home or office to make sure you are in the best possible posture while working or exercising.